Igor Uporov


Igor Uporov – Advocate, President and Founder of Ural Siberian Bar Association. Igor Uporov(in russian-Igor Nikolaevich Uporov) was born on September 4th, 1965, in Tambov province, Russia.  He is a Russian advocate, a former colonel, and a president and founder of The Ural-Siberian Bar Association. In 1982 Igor graduated from school #13 in the town […]


Elena Kozhevina


Elena Kozhevina. Elena Kozhevina is a Scientific Adviser of the Ural Siberian Bar Association. She is a Candidate of Law, Associate Professor of the Department of Civil Law of the Ural State Law Academy. In 1995 Elena graduated from the Sverdlovsk  Law Institute. Then she continued her education at the Ural Branch of the Russian […]


Sergey Panasenko


Attorney Sergey Panasenko. Sergey Panasenko has legal higher education. He was registered by General Directorate of Ministry of Justice of Sverdlovsk region in the register of attorneys at number 66/2729. From 2005 to 2007 he worked in the prosecutor’s office of the Kurgan region. Attorney Sergey Panasenko specializes in solving legal problems in the area […]


Boris Lukichev


Boris Lukichev, scientific consultant of theUral Siberian Bar of Sverdlovsk Region. Candidate of Law, Associate Professor. Specialization – Criminal Procedure, criminalistics and judicial examination, operatively-search activity. Education: 09.1985 – 08.1989 years. Higher Political School. 60th anniversary of the Komsomol Soviet Ministry of Internal Affairs, (full tuition), Leningrad. Specialty – jurisprudence. Qualification – a lawyer and political worker. […]


Koltyshev Pavel


Technical Director of Internet projects of the Ural Siberian Bar. 2005 – 2010’s.  Ural Institute of Business (full tuition), Ekaterinburg. Speciality – Applied Informatics (in Economics).  Qualifications – Computer-economist. Field of interest – high-level programming languages, web frameworks, content management system. Skills: – HTML; – PHP5; – JQuery; – CSS; – Python; – Django; – WordPress; […]